Never Give Up


I remember 6 years ago when my life was not my own and I was a slave to drugs and alcohol. I recall my first drink at age 10 and how I could not put it down for 28 years. Blinded by reality and inflicted with the disease of alcoholism, this disease took many things from me and sadly, brought me to almost take my own life. Becoming sober in 2006, I have learned so much not only about myself but I have learned how to live a pure and genuine life that is filled with happiness and serenity. I have learned that life, as short and fragile as it is, should never be taken for granted and shared with as many people as you can. I have learned that life is no longer about me, but it is about others. I have learned only by my many failures in life, that my life is now devoted to share my experience, strength and hope with as many people as I can in hopes that they will avoid, or stop the pain that I have endured for 28 years….I read this poem and shed a tear while reading it because inside of us, deep inside the canyons of our soul, there lies a certain strength that if we truly try to seek it in the middle of our bad and sad times, we will certainly find it and exist another day and live that day out to the full…

When you wake tomorrow, seek out someone in your life that has fallen on sad times and light the candle of their heart so that their light can shine on their lives and they will soon find their way. Go out of your way to help a child become better and instill in them ethical, moral beliefs.

Stay strong, become better, and teach what you have learned to a child…

Good Night,

Rich Barnes

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