Testimonial: Dare to Dream

To Whom It May Concern: I have been a DARE officer in the town of Norfolk for the past 25 years I had the opportunity just recently to view Rich Barnes at our DARE to Dream Summer Day Program. Rich’s presentation was very powerful and carried a strong message throughout. He spoke about his addiction which deterred many years of his life. One of the messages that came through loud and clear is the consequences that come with the lifestyle that he was leading. Rich

Testimonial: Marlborough Public Schools

I write this letter in support of Richard Barnes. Richard’s presentation was insightful, engaging and most importantly made a lasting difference. Richard’s heartfelt presentation touched the lives of students and staff members. His experience and unique perspective provided my students with helpful tips they can apply to their lives. Feedback from the presentation was overwhelmingly positive. Students continue to reach out to Richard with questions via e-mail.  It is rare that a speaker makes such a lasting impression but Richard has done just that. We

Testimonial: Fall River Young Marines

Mr. Rich Barnes, Thank you again for coming to speak to the Young Marines on Sunday, March 26, 2017.  Your very open and honest story, detailing the timeline, actions, and consequences of your alcohol and cocaine abuse was one that struck to the heart of the message that we are trying to teach through our Drug Demand Reduction program.  It was eye opening and an insight into the true aspects of addiction, not only for the Young Marines, but for many of us on Staff

Testimonial: Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School

Dear Richard, Thank you for your moving presentation at Southeastern Regional Vocational-Technical High School. The students were engaged and thoughtful about their questions, which is a testament to their enjoyment of program. I think your story really hit home for some of them. Most students were amazed that you made it through all the challenges that life put in front of you; and others walked away with a glimmer of hope for a family member that is currently struggling. However, what I appreciated most was

Testimonial: Berkley Public Schools

Rich presented to our grade 5 & 6 students and then to our grade 7 & 8 students on the serious effects that illegal drugs and alcohol can have on people, and had on him. His presentation was grade-level appropriate and captivating for the students. He was honest, forthcoming and sincere when presenting and answering the numerous questions posed to him. I would highly recommend Richard Barnes to any middle or high school principal that is looking for an appropriate way to inform their students

Testimonial: Randolph Community Middle School

December 19, 2016 Thank you Rich Barnes for courageously sharing your story of alcohol dependency and drug addiction, which describes your journey from devastation to hope. Students were captivated by your message of making good choices and choosing positive friends. Your powerful presentation was impactful and timely. Students were moved by your words and openly celebrated your successes. They have not stopped talking about the negative effects of substance use. Thank you for inspiring continued conversation regarding such an important topic. With Sincere Appreciation, Thea

Testimonial: Berkley Middle School

October 27, 2016 Berkley Middle School: Positively impacted by the power of honesty and Richful Thinking! Berkley Middle School Students and staff were to fortunate today to have Rich Barnes, motivational speaker, on hand to share his powerful message about his life’s journey with addiction. Mr. Barnes spoke openly and candidly with our students about each choice he made that led to his losing 28 years of his life at the hands of alcohol and drugs…and his road to recovery. His heartfelt and oftentimes tragic

Testimonial: Brookfield High, CT

Rich Barnes shared his very personal and difficult life story with our Sophomores today in the hope of helping students avoid the tragic road he followed from the first sip of alcohol at the age of ten to the present time. Students’ comments included “Mr. Barnes was charismatic” and “He talked about life in a way that everyone can relate to.’ To a group of over 200 students who remained attentive for two hours, Rich recalled his painful memories of his parents’ divorce when he

Testimonial: Oliver Ames High School

Rich Barnes presented a powerful and personal story of drug and alcohol addiction to our high school students. Rich told his life story (the good, the bad and the ugly) in a captivating manner that resonated with our students. Since he grew up in the greater Boston area, he quickly established a connection with his audience. He described the experiences with using alcohol and drugs and succumbing to peer pressure, and how his choices led to many life altering consequences and a life of deception.

Testimonial: Randolph Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

November 23, 2015 The Randolph Board of Health and the Randolph Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition was excited to have Mr. Rich Barnes come and speak to over 25 residents at the Randolph Town Hall, November 12, 2015. The group heard about the presentation through typical media outlets as well as social media. All attendees who filled out an evaluation found the presentation to be helpful. Some of the comments included: excellent speaker; great presentation- down to earth. We are grateful for the information and passion