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Testimonial: Xaverian Middle School

October 30, 2018 Dear Rich, On behalf of our grade 8 students at Xaverian, I want to thank you for giving a heartfelt and captivating talk talk about the dangers of drug and alcohol use and why making good decisions matter so much in the lives of adolescents. Your willingness to share your personal story combined with a powerful and candid question and answer session, really helped our student’ better understand the challenged of a recovering addict – one who is willing to share his

Testimonial: Xaverian High School

September 26, 2018 We had the pleasure of having Mr. Richard Barnes speak to our sophomore and junior students during a school assembly today. For about 45 minutes, Rich passionately spoke about his struggle with substance abuse, his road to recovery, and the importance of making positive decisions. Through sharing personal stories and experiences, Rich was able to engage all of our students in a message that could literally save their lives. He was authentic, humble, and very honest about the lessons learned from his

Testimonial: Hurley Middle School

Dear Rich, On behalf of Hurley Middle School, we would like to thank you for sharing your story of substance abuse and recovery. Rich captivated students and staff for a little over an hour as he shared how a poor choice at ten years old led to a long destructive path. As he shared his personal story, he also provided student with valuable lessons. Rich referred to students as “miracles: and to never give up on their dreams, as well as the importance of always

Testimonial: Dare to Dream

For the last twenty five years I have had the opportunity of running the DARE to Dream Summer day Program in the communities of Wrentham, Plainville and Norfolk. Rich has been grateful to speak with our program for the past five years in a row with very positive results. The program is designed to in include alternative activities to include safety workshops, D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) lessons on Alternatives and Building Self Esteem. We had the opportunity in our grade eight program to have