About Rich Barnes

For most of my adult life, from the outside looking in, I was a hard working devoted husband and father living the perfect life in a suburb of MA. In 2006, my walls came crashing down and I was given a second chance on life. Addiction ruled my life for many years and with sobriety came much guilt, healing and clarity. My goal for my ongoing recovery is to live an exceptional life, full of happiness and prosperity, while helping those around me. Each day is a true blessing.

After years of addiction, my heart had become filled with doubt and fear, that eventually led me to isolating myself from the people who really cared about me: my family and closest friends. Addiction had created an image in my sick mind that I was okay and would continue to be okay... Read More about Rich Barnes...


Thank You Randolph Police Dept.

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Thank you, Randolph Ma!!

Thank you Randolph Ma. for allowing me to share my experience, strength, and hope with you all. I pray that it helped someone not go down the path that I travelled for so many years!!! Again, thank you!!!! Rich Barnes

Thank you Haverhill Gazette

Richard Barnes has a knack for bringing kids to tears. As a guest speaker last week, the recovering addict spoke candidly to middle school students across Haverhill about his life addicted to alcohol and drugs and pleaded with them to avoid taking the same destructive path. The power of his talk triggered such strong emotional reactions that some students had to walk out, while others quietly wiped away their tears. Following several of the talks, some children walked up to him and thanked him. “Rich

As I Saw it, As I lived it

The life of an addict and/or alcoholic as I saw it… As soon as my eyes open in the morning , I am full of guilt. I do not wake, but I come to from blacking out the night before and I am extremely sad and depressed. I can not believe I did this again!!! I promised myself I would not do this, but I have no control over my actions and I not only lie to everyone about my problem, but I sadly lie


Change your thoughts and the words you express over your life and change your life for the better!!!! Stop telling yourself you will “try” to do it and just go out and do it!! Stop telling yourself you “think” you can and start telling yourself, you “know” you can!!! Stop talking or thinking yourself out of it by bombarding your heart with negative thoughts of failure, insecurities, and/or fear and start filling it with thoughts of success, victory, and grandeur!!!! You are stronger and more