About Rich Barnes

For most of my adult life, from the outside looking in, I was a hard working devoted husband and father living the perfect life in a suburb of MA. In 2006, my walls came crashing down and I was given a second chance on life. Addiction ruled my life for many years and with sobriety came much guilt, healing and clarity. My goal for my ongoing recovery is to live an exceptional life, full of happiness and prosperity, while helping those around me. Each day is a true blessing.

After years of addiction, my heart had become filled with doubt and fear, that eventually led me to isolating myself from the people who really cared about me: my family and closest friends. Addiction had created an image in my sick mind that I was okay and would continue to be okay... Read More about Rich Barnes...


Are You Broken?

I once knew of a man, a broken man who once thought he was too far broken to put the pieces back together. Finally, after years of thinking he was a loser, a failure, and every other negative descriptive adjective, he mustered up the courage to dig deep inside the shallow canyons of his heart, and change the direction of his thoughts. Today, he has turned the direction of his thoughts and in turn, his life around because he finally found out that the way

Testimonial: Brookfield High, CT

Rich Barnes shared his very personal and difficult life story with our Sophomores today in the hope of helping students avoid the tragic road he followed from the first sip of alcohol at the age of ten to the present time. Students’ comments included “Mr. Barnes was charismatic” and “He talked about life in a way that everyone can relate to.’ To a group of over 200 students who remained attentive for two hours, Rich recalled his painful memories of his parents’ divorce when he

One Person, 2 Mindsets. Which One Works For You?

One person, 2 mindsets….Which one is you? Which one do you feel is more conducive of living a happy and content life…. Sitting alone by the ocean, the waves crash down not only on the sand in front of me, but inside my head as well, beating it insidiously. Am I ok or is life just getting the best of me? Is my brain playing the insane tricks on me that it used to years ago, telling me that I am useless, that I am

Testimonial: Oliver Ames High School

Rich Barnes presented a powerful and personal story of drug and alcohol addiction to our high school students. Rich told his life story (the good, the bad and the ugly) in a captivating manner that resonated with our students. Since he grew up in the greater Boston area, he quickly established a connection with his audience. He described the experiences with using alcohol and drugs and succumbing to peer pressure, and how his choices led to many life altering consequences and a life of deception.

Testimonial: Randolph Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

November 23, 2015 The Randolph Board of Health and the Randolph Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition was excited to have Mr. Rich Barnes come and speak to over 25 residents at the Randolph Town Hall, November 12, 2015. The group heard about the presentation through typical media outlets as well as social media. All attendees who filled out an evaluation found the presentation to be helpful. Some of the comments included: excellent speaker; great presentation- down to earth. We are grateful for the information and passion