About Rich Barnes

For most of my adult life, from the outside looking in, I was a hard working devoted husband and father living the perfect life in a suburb of MA. In 2006, my walls came crashing down and I was given a second chance on life. Addiction ruled my life for many years and with sobriety came much guilt, healing and clarity. My goal for my ongoing recovery is to live an exceptional life, full of happiness and prosperity, while helping those around me. Each day is a true blessing.

After years of addiction, my heart had become filled with doubt and fear, that eventually led me to isolating myself from the people who really cared about me: my family and closest friends. Addiction had created an image in my sick mind that I was okay and would continue to be okay... Read More about Rich Barnes...


Staying Positive

  A positive mindset is very easy to obtain, but it takes time and a lot of patience. Your brain has the ability to store and accept two kind of thoughts in it, both positive and negative. Some people harbor more negative thoughts than positive because it is easier to do so, and some people are 50/50 with a constant tug of war per se’ between the two. However, there is something you can do about it. When you get a thought into your mind,

The Past is in the Past

I Is it about time you stop beating yourself up over what has already happened? Is it about time you let go of the pain that has been inflicted on your heart? Is it about time you forgive and release the resentment that is hurting you? I know for me, the only thing that will allow me to surge ahead in life, is letting go of the past…. I hope you can find it in your heart to do it as well because what is


I need to write this because I feel it is needed and I hope you take the time to read it and not just say it is “too long” and dismiss it and if you feel it will help others, please share it!!!!!! In the last 30 days or so, I have lost two friends and their deaths were sudden. They, at the time, were living life to the full and loving every single thing they were doing, and unexpectedly, they passed. People, life is

I Have Drank and I Have Drugged..

I have drank and I have drugged, And I have done it for years. I have been scared and alone, And I have lived inside my fears. I have laughed and I have cried, I have been alone and depressed. I thought I had my life together, But in reality, it was a mess. Getting high ruled my life, A constant struggle each day. I have fought and I have fought, But the drugs always got their way. “I am not doing this today”, I


I know first hand what it is like to be in emotional pain, for I existed in it for years upon years. I know first hand what it is like to feel less than or inadequate and sad, always looking at the worst in everything and that I am not worth anything. I know the feeling of being alone in a room full of people and feel not only are they focused on me and my inadequacies, but they are talking bad ab…out me and