About Rich Barnes

For most of my adult life, from the outside looking in, I was a hard working devoted husband and father living the perfect life in a suburb of MA. In 2006, my walls came crashing down and I was given a second chance on life. Addiction ruled my life for many years and with sobriety came much guilt, healing and clarity. My goal for my ongoing recovery is to live an exceptional life, full of happiness and prosperity, while helping those around me. Each day is a true blessing.

After years of addiction, my heart had become filled with doubt and fear, that eventually led me to isolating myself from the people who really cared about me: my family and closest friends. Addiction had created an image in my sick mind that I was okay and would continue to be okay... Read More about Rich Barnes...


I Remember When I Was Afraid..

I remember when I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone because I was riddled with fears and doubts. I spent 18 years in a profession I loathed because I felt inadequate and thought that I could not do anything else because I was not college educated. I spent even more time being an active alcoholic and drug addict because my mind told me I could not stop drinking or drugging. Insecurities, fears of being judged for who and what I was as

Stop Beating a Dead Horse

There is an old cliche’ I know and it says, “STOP BEATING A DEAD HORSE” I talk about alcoholism and drug addiction all the time because I would rather “BEAT A DEAD HORSE” than be ” DEAD WITH THAT HORSE!!!!” If you nesd help, please, please, get it. The next drink, line, pill, injection, or hit could be your last. Take it from me, a 28 year abuser who finally found out what life is “REALLY” about almost 8 years ago when I finally got

I Thought I Was OK…

I remember years ago, I would never had told you that I did not have my life under control because everything in my whole body and mind, told me I did. I thought waking up at 7am in the morning and craving that drink was normal, and the shakes and headaches that accompanied that craving, would go way when I drank that first drink. I thought sleeping on the bathroom floor at work was just something I needed to do to re-coop the sleep I

My Addiction

My life as an active alcoholic and addict is an open book for the world to read. I am not ashamed of it, nor am I embarrassed of it. I share it for you, the active alcoholic or addict to provide you with hope I remember 2,857 days ago, I could not stay clean or sober for just one day. My life was a complete mess and my world was in a very quick moving, downward spiral. My pride and my inflated ego would not

Staying Positive

  A positive mindset is very easy to obtain, but it takes time and a lot of patience. Your brain has the ability to store and accept two kind of thoughts in it, both positive and negative. Some people harbor more negative thoughts than positive because it is easier to do so, and some people are 50/50 with a constant tug of war per se’ between the two. However, there is something you can do about it. When you get a thought into your mind,